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Vital Signs - Clinical Notes

Vital Signs Clinical Notes is a great pocket sized (50 page) notebook that is a "must have" for any Paramedic, Nurse, First Responders / Volunteers, EMT or Intensive Care Clinician. An invaluable tool for for documenting critical patient details.

Also included inside:

  • 12 Lead ECG / EKG information
  • Visual Pain Scale
  • Australasian Triage Scale
  • Glasgow Coma Scale
  • ECG / EKG interpretation information

Pages inside are labelled to easily remind clinicians what details are important. Designed in a simple, clear international MIST (Mechanism Injury Signs Treatment) format makes it easy to document important clinical patient notes, with room for three sets of complete vitals and three medication administrations.

Set in a format that will enhance any clinical handover process, reducing errors and improving patient safety. Document injuries, signs and symptoms quickly or draw accurate clinical information on the anatomical body sketch.

Vital Signs - Clinical Notes Drug Kit

Put it in your pocket!