The Adult & Paed Guide

Prehospital guide for adult & paeds is a comprehensive guide for managing emergencies in children from birth to 15 years and now adults. Included inside:

  • Paediatric trauma score
  • Paediatric Glasgow coma scale
  • APGAR scoring for newborns
  • Average normal values (weight, heart rate, respiratory rate and blood pressure)
  • Cardiac arrest quick reference
  • Fluid therapy
  • Cardioversion
  • Common paediatric pharmacologies

An invaluable tool reflecting current prehospital emergency care guidelines. Easily read by paramedic students and Intensive Care Paramedics alike, all the information is on one page with the whole guide fitting easily in your pocket.

Cardiac arrest information inside

  • Cardio-pulmonary Resuscitation       ratios pre and post airway management
  • Defibrillation       4 joules / Kg
  • Airway Management      Oropharyngeal, Nasopharyngeal, Endotracheal and Laryngeal mask
  • Average normal values      weight, heart rate, respiratory rate and blood pressure
  • Adrenaline      IV/IO 10µ/Kg
  • Adrenaline      ETT 100µ/Kg
  • Amiodarone      IV/IO 5mg/Kg
  • Atropine      IV/IO/ETT 20µ/Kg/li>
  • Lignocaine 2%      IV/IO/ 1mg/Kg/li>

Calculations are based on average weight values and are displayed on a single page making it extremely easy to read with all the information able to be quickly accessed.

Drug Kit

A valuable aid for all Prehospital Clinicians